Cannington bids $70m to reach its potential | The West Australian

An impression of proposed Station Square and Cecil Avenue in a revitalised Canning City Centre. Render by Last Pixel.

The City of Canning will today appeal to its stakeholders, including the State Government, for backing for a radical $70 million plan to revitalise its city centre.

The plans include building high-density homes for 25,000 more people to live in its centre, creating 15,000 jobs, generating $920 million in wages, triggering a 12 per cent increase in business activity and stimulating $2.4 billion of private sector investment in the city centre in Cannington.

City of Canning chief executive Arthur Kyron said the council had been lobbying Federal and State politicians to win support for its development.

The idea is to adopt Cecil Avenue as the new main street; build two new town squares — one in Cecil Avenue and one near the train station; encourage higher-density, multi-storey dwellings; leverage off the $350 million Westfield Carousel shopping centre expansions and investigate the possibility of light rail through to Curtin University and the centre of Perth.

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Chaney Architecture collaborated with Place Laboratory and Last Pixel to produce a detailed Concept Masterplan for Canning City Centre.